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Meet Our New Chicks!

Who says hybrid photography is only for humans?  Our brand new chicks took to the studio today for their first photo session.  These adorable little chicks (born yesterday, I'm told) peeped and cheeped, pecked and pitter-pattered.  When they were done, they went back to their heat lamp and took a nap. 

For those curious about chickens, we have two Araucanas (we are raising them for a neighbor; they will eventually lay blue, pink or green colored eggs!), one Buff Orpington (now darker yellow, eventually she will be light brown), one Tetra Tint (now light yellow, eventually she will be white), one Black Sex Link, and one black Australorps. 

I was surprised to find that they hatched with personalities already in place.  Our black Australorps emerged on the wrong side of the egg, we figure.  He/she is a malcontent who was nipping his little friends from the moment I first saw him/her.  This little one settled down a bit after getting some food and water, but is definitely the most feisty one.  I wouldn't be surprised if he is a cockerel (future rooster) because of his feisty nature.

The two Araucanas look like little chipmunks and are very entertaining.  One of them, upon discovering the food trough, put her head through the hole, nibbled a bit, then fell asleep - with her head in the hole and her feet sticking up. 

Enjoy the video!